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29th September 2013

A big hello to everybody!

Well, how quickly has this year gone?

My results for college came through and were great: I was awarded my certificate with Distinction.

The summer came and went in a blur of AWGB seminar, film editing and getting ready for the next year of college to do my HND (Higher National Diploma).

I've managed to finish Andy Lodge's new film and I am quite proud of the result. We've waited a long time to get Andy back to the lathe and I'm sure you'll agree with me that it was worth it when you watch his return.

Also releasing this month is our step into the beyond in the shape of Ron Fox - Beginners guide to using the Woodrat. If you have, or have been considering getting a Woodrat, this is the film you need. Ron regularly demonstrates for the Woodrat team at the various shows and seminars around the country. He is also a regular columnn and agony aunt writer for the woodworking magazines.

That's about all for now, take care.




23rd July 2013

Hello Everybody,

I think it's about time I wrote something here!

I've had an incredibly busy year:

  • I've completed my Higher National Certificate 2nd year for Electrical & Electronic Engineering and am awaiting my results.
    A part of my course was the project for the new overhead camera gantry to support the new overhead camera system. Seven years of planning and we have a fantastic tool that will make the KTMP films even better now.

  • I accompanied Mick Hanbury to the Utah Symposium in Provo USA in May. We had a wonderful time meeting lots of new faces and reacquainting with some old. I must say that I was fortunate to meet a giant of the woodturning world during our visit: Dale Nish. Dale proved to be a wonderful host; generous, modest and such a funny guy. He had a knack of getting an audience right into the palm of his hand, let me tell you: It was a great experience. So it was with immense sadness that we learned of his passing the following week after our visit. He will be missed, but I'm glad I got to meet the man.

  • I've managed to complete Guy Ravine's KTMP debut film and will be releasing at the AWGB Seminar held in Loughborough in August.

  • Andy Lodge's fifth film is progressing well and will be ready very soon.

  • I hope to complete Terry Scott's third film - Goldfinger in time for Christmas.

  • Finally, we have another film from John Berkeley where he gets down to grass roots to show how to teach his passion for thread-chasing. Hopefully, this won't be too long before we release.

Take care, and if you're at Loughborough, come over and say hello!


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