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Current Projects


21st November 2010
Hello Everybody,

Only a month since I did the last update?...Well, nearly two ok.

So, have I been busy?
What do you think?
Sue Harker's return and she desperately wanted to release at the North of England Woodworking Show at Harrogate this weekend. Well a queue jump past the other films on the edit bed and a few weeks hard graft saw her proudly release on time at the show on Friday.
Sue's first shoot for over two years, and her film is a real beauty! She chose to do the Bowl in Bowl project which turned out better than we could have hoped for...of course you need to keep watching at the end for her trade-mark Outtakes section: Some real humdingers in this instalment!

News on Eli Avisera:
Eli has agreed that it would be a little too short-notice to come at this time of the year, so we have deferred until March next year so that we can get everything ready and in place for his visit.
So, I guess you'd like the dates?
Eli's full-day demo will take place on 6th March 2011. Tickets have almost sold-out already, and with only six seats remaining as this goes to press, time is running out for your booking.
Eli will then do a five day stint in the school, teaching during the day and filming his new DVDs in the evening with me. Five places remain for his 5 day course.

Jean Francoise Escoulen will make his first visit to Hunters Lodge in January and there are only four seats available for his full-day demo on Sunday 30th January: HURRY AND BOOK NOW!

Springtime 2011 will see us branching out into the world of general woodworking films. Our opener is going to be with Ron Fox...I'm sure a lot of you will recognise his name from the various woodworking magazines that he regularly writes for.
Ron will be putting the Woodrat and the young pretender to the throne: Router Boss from USA through their paces and will pass on a lot of his wisdom using jigs and professional hints tips and tricks.
Router Boss have very kindly given us full backing and sponsorship for their project along with Felder Machinery of Germany who have supplied us with two professional standard machines: Large format bandsaw and planer/ thicknesser.

So, as you can probably gather, a very busy period behind me, and plenty more to come!

If I don't catch up with you before, may I wish you a very happy holiday period, and I hope Santa's good to you.

Have fun!

3rd October 2010
Hello Everybody,

I can only apologise for my absence here. I have however, been very busy with a lot of new projects along with holding down a full time job training the medical staff at my local hospital on their brand-new database system.

So, what's new?
Today I can tell you that Bob Chapman's debut film: Bowled Over is now complete and will officially release on Friday 8th October. If you are a KTMP Club member, you'll be receiving your newsletter tonight along with your queue-jump priority offer.
Bob's first film is a real eye opener with a proper Back-to-Basics view at the best methods to create a worthy bowl project. The instruction takes you through the design aspect along with how to use a correctly sized foot and not using the drive spigot!
Bob also comprehensively explains his homemade vacuum chucking system that costs a fraction of a factory-made solution.

I've received word from Eli Avisera today that he has returned from a three month long trip to the USA and Canada and would like to visit here at the end of this month or perhaps the first week in November. Now I realise that this is VERY short notice, but if anybody would be interested in attending a full day demonstration by the great man here at Hunters Lodge, please Email to: and if we get enough numbers, we could put the demo on.

Sue Harker filmed her latest project: The Bowl in a Bowl, last weekend. We had some great laughs and after a full and demanding weekend, we had some real quality footage in the can.

I'm continuing to work on three other films on the bed and will post the news as they become available for your deliberation.

That's all for now,
Take care.


1st  July 2010
Hi Folks!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened this page; is it really three months since I shared the last blog?

Well, I've not been wasting my time...not all of it anyway!

I've been working on overhauling the website for the last three weeks. I was told it was looking a little tired. So, I decided to keep the style as it is (hope you're happy with that), but I've completely changed the menu system and hopefully the page menus don't look too cluttered any longer and you can find your way around a little easier.
I'll be making changes to the School pages over the coming weeks also. I've not been really happy with the look since I developed the new sister site. So, I may completely re-hash the whole site. Suggestions (polite please!) are welcome.

We've now welcomed Simon Hope to the fold in the shape of his debut DVD being released to the KTMP Club and the general customer base. We also now stock Simon's pattern tools and you can find them in the brand-new Tool Sales section of the website.

Along with Simon's tools we now have pages for Oneway and Robert Sorby.

We will be releasing Nick Arnull's debut film very soon, so watch out for the announcement. If you're in the KTMP Club, you'll receive the usual newsletter and discounted offer.

Sales of seats for the KTMP demo's by David Springett, Nick Arnull and Jean Francois Escoulen are going very well indeed. If you intend to come to any of these demo's I'd advise you to book now, or you may be disappointed.

Another two films on the edit bed from Nick Arnull and Simon Hope to be started, Sue Harker returns this weekend with her Bowl in a Bowl project. Next week we host Bob Chapman for his inauguration.

A KTMP customer requested that we do a film on turned jewellery. We do listen to you guys and have made a start with Nick Arnull and John Berkeley. Sue will do a trade-mark piece this weekend while she is here. If you have any good ideas what you'd like to see in the film (again- polite please), drop me a line.

Waiting in the wings is Ron Fox. Ron is not a woodturner, but a genius with the Woodrat machine. So, it's a step in a new direction for me to be filming this kind of project and I must say; I'm really looking forward to it.

Enjoy the new look of the website, hopefully I won't leave it so long for the next newsletter.

Don't mention the World Cup!


28th  March 2010

After all of the Emails from you, I thought I'd better get on and let you know what's been going on for the past couple of months!

Yes, I know February came and went without a newsletter, the fact is; I had an offer of work that I couldn't refuse and now find myself working for a living  from Monday to Friday as an IT engineer in Lincoln. So, that of course means a lot less time available for the likes of newsletters on here!

Film News
Mick Hanbury's new film: The Satellite Bowl is now ready and will release this Friday.
A superb film covering so many different aspects of the craft. I'm afraid it's not really suitable for beginners this time and should prove a challenge to all of our seasoned patrons!
For those of you who subscribe to the E Newsletter; you'll be having mail today!

Mark Sanger's new film: What a Relief has a couple of pick-up's to sort and should release next month.

At the end of February, we enjoyed the company of Simon Hope for his first filming session. A fantastic array of projects completed over the weekend; this will prove to be a brilliant film with two of the projects incorporating his trademark work with pewter.

KTMP School News
We've just enjoyed Eli Avisera's second visit for the KTMP School of Woodturning Excellence to deliver another course to a full class. All of the students said how much they enjoyed their week with him and that they had learned a great deal with eager promises to return for more when Eli comes back.
The demonstration day received the same accolades as his first, with lots of jaw-dropping moments and ooh's and aah's.

If you take a look at January's report, you'll find that a few of the dates have had to be changed for demo's and courses. If you have booked, you'll have received a notification of these changes by now.

We have a few places available for Mick Hanbury's: Beginner's course in May. Get your bid in for a place now!
Bring a friend!

That's all for now...Take care!


26th  January 2010
Happy New Year!

So how was your Christmas holiday?
My Roly Munroe tool didn't arrive, I'm afraid...maybe I'll have one for my birthday this year?

A very busy period following the family's return to work, with some very long hours put in this month.
So, what has been achieved?

  • Mark Sanger's new film has completed edit and is now with him for approval. Hopefully, we should be releasing in the next few weeks.

  • Mick Hanbury's - Satellite Bowl film is nearly finished with the editing and should go on sale toward the end of February to early March.

We now have dates for demonstrations from:

  • John Berkeley - 22nd May

  • David Springett - 11th September

  • Margaret Garrard - 2nd October

  • Nick Arnull - 16th October

  • Jean Francoise Escoulen - 30th January 2011

Courses at the KTMP School this year:

  • Mick Hanbury - Beginner 1st - 2nd May

  • Andy Lodge - 19th - 20th June

  • Nick Arnull - 18th - 19th September

  • Mick Hanbury - Intermediate 23rd - 24th October

Full details available on the KTMP Woodturning School of Excellence pages: Click here

That's all for this month, let's see if we can get back into our workshops and thaw everything out now!

See you in February: Bye!