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18th  December 2009
News for this month:
KTMP School of Woodturning Excellence;
Mick Hanbury's Intermediate course went through last weekend and since there was a spare place, I decided it was time for me to get back in the saddle! Mick said he could tell I had been taught by Andy Lodge as my style was just like his! No Andy!... Put the gouge down!
I managed to finish a beautiful Yew finial box and a spiralled ebony stemmed goblet with Yew cup and base.

John Berkeley steps up to the plate on May 22nd for a day's demonstration after Nick Arnull demo's on 8th May followed by a two day course on 15th & 16th May. Nick says he will be teaching the techniques first-hand that have been his articles in Woodturning magazine over the past few months. So, please don't fully-book this one...I'd like a chance to get in there again!
Details on the School Courses page.

John Berkeley's new film: Screwples 9 the Patterned Lid Box is now available for purchase and is proving to be every bit as popular as his forerunning tomes.

Sorry, but if you've been waiting to book your place for Eli Avisera's demo day in March, you've left it too late! The day is now fully-booked!
There is one place remaining for his five day course, so if you don't book now, you will be waiting a while for the next one.

We will also be hosting Joey Richardson for a day's demo. When we have finalised the date, I'll let you know.

How are your Christmas preps going? I've given Santa my wish list (A Roly Munroe Hollowing tool), fingers crossed...

I have three films in the oven to be released pretty soon, once their edits are complete. These are quite specialised titles:
1. John Berkeley - The Fragrance Flask
2. Mick Hanbury - The Satellite Bowl
3. Mark Sanger - Greenwood Textured Bowl

As soon as the films are ready for release, I'll send out the usual E Newsletter to all members of the KTMP Club...of course; with a little discount thrown in!

Well, I think that's about all of the news so far.
I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and thank you so much for all of your continued support over 2009.

Bye for now and I hope to meet you in 2010!

22nd November 2009
News for this month: Mark Sanger's first film for Hollow turning is now edited and the PAL version was released at the Northern England Woodworking Show in Harrogate on Friday. The copies I took flew off the shelves!
I'm just finishing the NTSC version for USA & Canada and once done, will send the usual Email newsletter E-shot to the KTMP Club members.

Releasing at the same time: Lisa Raby's debut with her DVD - Learn to Burn on Pyrography and Mick Hanbury's long-awaited return to film with Stay Sharp! A comprehensive guide to sharpening woodturning tools.
Details will be posted very soon on the website along with the E-shot newsletters.

So, did you manage to get to Harrogate this year? I went on Friday and crushed in with the throngs that visited. I was very impressed with the demonstrations and all of the new tools (TOYS!) available. I came away with very sore feet but a much lighter wallet! Now, all I need to do is to find the time to get into the workshop to try my new! tools.

We have Mick Hanbury here this coming weekend to teach his first session for Beginners in the school, which has delightfully been fully subscribed. Followed by his weekend course in December for Intermediates. There is one last place remaining for this course, so hurry up and get in touch or you'll miss it!

Eli Avisera's return visit in March 2010 has almost sold-out! we have only a couple of seats available for the all-day demo on the 14th after having put a couple more seats on. The week's course in the school is all sold bar one student'd be sorry to miss this opportunity, so give me a call now!

I've received a big consignment of goodies from Eli, sent from his workshop in Jerusalem, you can find them for sale in the Tools 3 Gallery. Be quick, the stock is very limited after my friendly locusts at the local club swarmed through the stock boxes!

I think that's all for now, except to say a warm welcome to all of the new KTMP Club members who've joined us since the last update. Not joined yet? Drop me a line and I'll put you in...why not, it doesn't cost anything.

More in December, be good!

24th October 2009
News for this month: John Berkeley's final film for his Puzzles series in the Screwples range has now completed editing and is approved by John for release. You can purchase from his Gallery page from 2nd November.

Eli Avisera has confirmed that he will return for his next demo & teaching session with us from 14th - 19th March 2010. We have bookings for the school week already, so if you want to come and learn with one of the best woodturners in the world, you'll need to hurry and get your booking to us!

We filmed with Mark Sanger last week. The footage captured is most certainly going to make two truly wonderful films. Mark enjoyed himself here so much; he's already planning a return. I'll let you know when the films are ready for release.

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Next week we film our first Pyrography film with Lisa Raby. Followed very closely by Mick Hanbury filming his next DVD at the weekend: No rest for the wicked!

That's all our news for the month, a busy one ahead with courses and filming...I'll post more next month.

Take care,


10th September 2009
We're almost at the end of the first course to run through the new School of Excellence and it's been a great success. One of our students has travelled all the way from Sweden and has shared a great week of tuition and advice.
Visitors who have come to augment the experience with Eli Avisera have included: Mick Hanbury, Rod Dunworth and Mark & Lisa Raby. Tomorrow, we're expecting Andy Lodge and Joey Richardson. So, can you imagine the scope of what has been learned this week?

The week started on Sunday with Eli's demonstration to a packed house. Everybody went away with a whole raft of new ideas, one woodturner called today to say that after the demo, he fired his lathe up for the first time in over 12 months! Such was the inspiration imparted by Eli's work.

On Tuesday evening, the KTMP clan descended on our local woodturning club in Louth Lincolnshire. The Gang consisted of: Eli Avisera, Mick Hanbury, Mark & Lisa Raby, Peter Mildner who owns Lignotec Lathes in Sweden and makes Eli's cross-slide jig...oh! and me! The exhibit table was a feast to the eyes, with some of Eli Avisera's new work and a few examples of the work that had come off the lathes at the school that very day. Thanks to Len Grantham for critiquing the work...of course, he only had good things to say!
Eli and myself would like to thank Margaret Garrard for both a fine and interesting demonstration on the evening of the Bowl-in-a-bowl and the involuted-turned rose.

Onto our second main news for the month: Mark Raby's film: Finishing and Colouring is now ready for sale. A truly awe inspiring title with some fantastic finishes demonstrated along with fine instruction on using dyes on wood to achieve some stunning colour effects.
What are you waiting for? Get over to the Gallery and order yours now!

I've had quite a few questions about the grinding of Eli Avisera's tools. So, my good friend Andy Johnson-Laird over in the USA who is a genius with a camera has very kindly stepped-up to the plate and produced some incredibly detailed shots of them for us. I'll be posting on the site over the next few days...Thanks Andy!

While I'm writing about our friends in the USA, I thought I would mention that we've had two reviews in both the US Woodturning Design and American Woodturner magazines for Eli Avisera's film series. I'm more than happy to report that they have been greeted with great accolades, much to mine and Eli's delight.

See you next month.

14th August 2009
Oh dear!
Three months without news!
That must point out what kind of a year this has turned out to be, I suppose.

Well, my twenty five years with the Royal Navy is now at an end. I wouldn't change a moment of it, but now it's time to move on to pastures new:
With the passing of my naval career, I am now plunged, full-time into the KTMP company. So, stand-by for lots more new films to come over the next year.

I attended the AWGB Seminar 2009 event at Loughborough UK last weekend. This was the first event of it's kind I had been invited to: Thanks to Reg Hawthorne and of course, Paul Loseby.
It was astounding how many people came to our stand to say how much you enjoy our films and to thank us for all of the effort. Of course, this generated a real warm feeling of appreciation and I thank all of you who wished us luck for the future. The second highlight of the show for me was being with my very good friends: Eli Avisera and Mick Hanbury. They both worked very hard over the entire weekend and I'm certain that their respective audiences in the demonstrations enjoyed their efforts.

The news from the seminar gets even better!
We've signed a whole raft of new names to film with KTMP.
Here's a few:

Simon Hope

Bob Chapman

Nick Arnull

Mark (Colouring and finishes) and Lisa Raby (Pyrography)

Guy Ravine

Gregory Moreton

Click on the name if you wish to see the relevant woodturner's website.

There, has that lot whet your appetite?
Watch this space for their titles when they're ready.

Onto the KTMP Woodturning School of Excellence:
We were getting a little worried about the student uptake for the forthcoming courses (details available on the School pages - linked at the top of this page). We understand that things are a little tight at the moment with the state of the nation. So it has come as a bit of a surprise that the courses are being subscribed so well. There has been a huge surge in student enrolment over the past few weeks and indeed, John Berkeley's class and demo is now full!

We have very few places remaining for Eli Avisera's visit, the demo day is almost full and there only remains a couple of places for his week's tuition course. If space allows, you may book for individual days if you can't make the whole week.

Mick Hanbury and Andy Lodge's classes are almost full, so if you want those last remaining places, you'd better be quick and contact us to book your place.

Ok, that's about all for this report. I'll try not to leave it so long before the next. Hopefully, I'll get to meet you at one of the demo's or school courses here at the Lodge.

Take care,


8th May 2009
Hi folks,
Yes, I'm sorry there's been no update for a couple of months. I'm sure you're all aware of what's been going on here at the Lodge since Christmas.

Well, the day came, and we opened!
A beautiful, sunny Lincolnshire day, and the ribbon was cut. Unfortunately, Eli Avisera couldn't be with us against what we had planned, but we had the KTMP stalwarts to entertain our visitors and they put on a grand show.

We now have some really exciting courses arranged; so what are you waiting for? Get over to the new website now and book yourself or someone special in!


1st March 2009
Hi everybody!
Well work has progressed at quite a hectic pace here at The Lodge.
Here's a few pictures of how the school house building is going:
Week one: The foundations are dug and poured

Week Two: Progress has been slow due to the weather with the heaviest snow for a decade!

Week Three: A big effort has meant that the schedule has been caught-up!


Week four: We have the beginning of a roof!


That's all for now, see you next month.

24th January 2009
Hello everybody!
Where's the month gone? It only seems like it was Christmas last week to me!...but then again, I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks following Eli Avisera's return home.

The Advanced Series for Eli is now complete and we're making proofs for all of the reviewers across the world.

The School will begin building work a week on Monday, there's going to be a lot of work there for all to be done. Oneway Lathes in Canada have very kindly sponsored us again and have our lathes on the way, along with lots of goodies for the students to use / buy. We're having three 1640 heavy duty lathes and one 1236SD sit down lathe to cater for our disabled or elderly students.

         Oneway 1640 lathe                                    Oneway 1236SD lathe

As promised, here's some pictures of Eli's Christmas visit:

Aviad & Eli Christmas Morning: Hunters Lodge                              Aviad: A proper Liverpool FC fan!     

  Eli enjoying the Beatles Exhibition in Liverpool                 Karl, Uncle Bert (Yasmin in Israel's Dad) & Eli

  Karl & Eli atop Lincoln Cathedral                                          Karl & Eli atop Lincoln Cathedral 

             Eli visits Joey Richardson - A really nice day

   No idea who these two are!                             Or these!                           Karl's mate: Robby wins the fancy 
                                                                                                                                     dress competition for best
                                                                                                                                                  Train Spotter!

                                                       See you next good!