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25th December 2008
Merry Christmas!,
I hope you're having a good holiday. We certainly are...we have Eli Avisera staying with us for the festive season and it's been great to see my friend again. Tomorrow we are going to watch my football team: Liverpool play at Anfield in Liverpool against Bolton Wanderers. Eli's son Aviad is here also, and as he is a very keen Liverpool fan; he's really looking forward to the match.

Onto business:
Since Eli's arrival, we've had chance to look through a few of his new films for the Advanced Series. The production looks to be mostly fine, with only a few tweaks needed here and there so far. This means that the release should proceed as planned starting in March of next year.

I have been a busy bee during the run-up to Christmas, with a very frantic rush to finish John Berkeley's new tome in the Screwples range of films. John has his approval copies now and is relaxing over a mince pie or three while he peruses before giving us the green light for release. I can now let the cat out of the bag as to what we've filmed:
John has decided to instruct this time in the use of alternative materials on the woodlathe...the resulting title being: What's The Alternative? A huge  project-led film over two discs encompasses eight projects in total, ranging from boxes to goblets in alternative briar, striped composite, alternative amber, cassien and brass! The film is hugely informative and I hope you get as much pleasure from viewing as I have had from editing it.

Sorry, that's all I have time for right this space for a huge announcement coming in the next few weeks?????????????


24th November 2008
Hi Folks,
Well, I'm really happy to say that we've just about finished the edits for Eli Avisera's Advanced series films. We now know that the series will consist of seven DVDs, and I must say that they are terrific!
The proofs have been sent to Eli for approval and hopefully, there won't be too much to change before the DVDs go into production.

The new John Berkeley film edit is now underway and will be ready for approval as planned in my earlier posting.

We will have a rather big announcement to make around Christmas or early New watch this space???

I hope to post more news before Christmas, but if I don't get the chance, I'd like to wish you all a wonderful holiday, and I hope Santa's good to you!

Bye for now!

1st October 2008
Hi Folks,
What a busy period! Yes, I know it's been over two months since the last update. Wait until I tell you what's been going-on and you'll understand why you've had to wait so long...
First of all: Jerusalem 2008 in August.
Eli reckoned he only needed three of four days to film the Advanced series...WRONG!!!
I took my wife, Jill with was only going to take 3 or 4 days for the filming after all, and then we were going travelling...WRONG!!!
Ok, enough moaning, the trip was every bit as good as the year before, we did actually manage to get away for the weekend to see my Cousins in the North of Israel again, Jill scoured the entire area of Jerusalem, we got to see downtown Jaffa (next door to Tel Aviv) for the woodturning...all I can say is: Even though I knew I was going to film the Advanced series, Eli left me stunned with the projects and techniques! Over the two weeks of extremely hard work we managed to get a total of seven films into the can for the series. You can now see the projects from Eli's third Gallery page.
Even after a full day's hard work: rising at 6am each day to try to avoid most of the searing afternoon heat, the day wasn't over...The second week of the trip saw the Jerusalem International Craft Fair, with Eli demonstrating every evening for throngs of open-mouthed onlookers!
Of course, with all of the time spent at the workshop, Jill bonded really well with Riki; Eli's wife. Unfortunately, Jerusalem Beitar (Football team) didn't play while I was there this year, but Eli's son; Aviad is coming with his Dad to be with us this Christmas. So a trip to watch the best team in the world: Liverpool, is planned for Boxing Day.
The fortnight went all too quickly, and we were soon on our way back to UK with very heavy hearts!
The main edit is complete for the first two films already! So we should be on time to release just as the Intermediate series films come to the end of their release.

As soon as we returned home, it was onward with business. After a cup of tea, the website was re-opened and Mick Hanbury's latest film:
Mick Hanbury - Making & Decorating Hollow Forms
was released to great demand!

Two weeks later, John Berkeley arrived at Hunters Lodge to record his next Screwples film. Now this one's a little bit hush-hush, so I'm not allowed to tell you what we filmed yet! Don't worry, I'm hoping the edit will be completed before Christmas and then we can reveal all!

A great piece of news: Joey Richardson has signed to film with KTMP. Joey's first film will demonstrate her beautiful flower series. Due to film in Spring of 2009, there's a few shots of Joey's work on her new Gallery page...mmm...nice!

Always a welcome visitor to the Lodge: Andy Lodge is going to return at the end of this month for his long awaited fifth film: Piercing

We've done the draw for Reg Sherwin's tools from his series.
Congratulations to:

John Skears from Spilsby Lincolnshire - Reg Sherwin Starter Set
Pictured above visiting Hunters Lodge to claim his prize

Chris Power from Co Kilkenny Eire - Reg Sherwin Scraper

Phew! This update alone has taken two days to put together! Hopefully, it won't be so long for the next one.

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That's it for now, take care, and be good!

25th July 2008
This will be the last entry before I swan off to Jerusalem next week to film
Eli Avisera's - A Masters Course in Woodturning - Advanced Level.
Eli has been on a whistle-stop tour of the United States and judging by the trade that the tour has generated, it's gone pretty well indeed!
I'm going to be filming all of the stuff you've been waiting for:
i. Making your own laminated turning blanks
ii. Laminated Turning
iii. Pierced and latticed work
iv. Intricate Hollow Forms
And lots more...

Just coming off the press and to be released when I return on 17th August:
Mick Hanbury - Making & Decorating Hollow Forms
There will be two versions of this film released: The first will contain all of the series outtakes at the end of the film, and for those with delicate hearing; a version without the outtakes as the vocabulary used is quite relaxed, let's say!

That's it for this month. Don't forget that we're actually closed for trade while I'm away in Jerusalem, but you can still order your films and we'll dispatch on re-opening.

Enjoy the rest of the summer...turning in our shorts!

7th July 2008
Hello again,

Another busy month behind us:
1. Sue Harker's brand-new film;
Turned Out Nice Again!
The In's & Out's of Involuted Turning

is now ready for release on 11th July.
If you've seen and loved Sue's first film: All Glued Up! You're going to love this one too! Come on...get your order in now.

2. Eli Avisera's final film from his first series for beginners;
Series 1 Volume 5
The Simple Goblet Project

is also ready for release on 11th July.
Bringing the first series to a close, this film covers the art of making a simple goblet...but with a twist! Eli defies all of the customary techniques by doing the finishing touch to his goblet first!
Curious? Get one on order now and you'll see what I mean...The man's a genius!

This film concludes with a rather nice and informal interview I did with him in Jerusalem.

Mick Hanbury's latest film:
Making & Decorating Hollow Forms is continuing well with it's edit. Release on this film won't happen until September due to the annual visit to Israel to film Eli Avisera's Advanced series of DVDs. More on this as soon as I know.

One last thing before I go:
We have a new arrival here at Hunters Lodge:
Our resident moorhens have another mouth for us to feed!

Short and sweet I know, keep your eye out for more news next month.
Have a good one and keep those shavings flying!

21st June 2008

How's your summer been? Did you blink and miss it one afternoon back in April? So much for global warming eh?
Ok, what have I got for you this month?

ELi Avisera's fourth film will go on sale next week. This one covers the basics of hollowing end grain with a project on a simple box. Elis hollowing was better straight from the tool than if I'd used my best Hegner abrasives to finish! Don't miss this one.

Sue Harker's film has reached the end of it's edit. Sue was confident that there would be no outtakes this time around...but I got them for you!
This film is called:
Turned Out Nice Again!
The In's & Outs of Involuted Turning

Sue's next film project looks a really interesting piece, I've even got a shot of a prototype to show to you:

We're just starting to load-up Mick Hanbury's new film: Making and Decorating Hollow Forms into the drives ready for editing. We had a great laugh filming as usual.

Last for this month; John Berkeley visited when we had Eli Avisera staying at Easter time this year with his wife Chris. Here's some photographs Chris took and a taste of what's to come on Eli's Advanced series.

Have a great month, I'll see you in July.


27th May 2008
Hi folks!
OK, calm down!...Eli Avisera's Volume 3 is going on general sale tomorrow: The Simple Bowl. This film is astounding to watch, filled with techniques I personally had never seen before Eli showed me...end grain tear-out is going to be a thing of the past!
Quick! Get to the Gallery Page and get your's on order now!

John Berkeley's latest tome: Screwples 6; The New-New Castle Moneybox Puzzle has now completed it's edit and is away for John to approve it's release, hopefully by next weekend.
This is a particularly sneaky puzzle and takes into account all of your advances in thread-chasing if you've been following the series. Of particular note is John's method for making Left-Hand Threads.

This weekend just past saw the second visit of Sue Harker and her husband Graham to the Lodge to film her new DVD: The Ins & Outs of Involuted Turning. Now there's a mouthful! A baffling subject which will make a truly intriguing film of how to accomplish inside-out turning to produce a beautiful candlestick.

Sue is set to return in either October or November to make her next project on film: The Bowl in a Bowl...sounds interesting.

That's it for another month. Take care, keep making the shavings and we'll be back with more in June: hopefully with a little better weather on our backs!

Bye for now.

27th April 2008
Hi folks!
The next month will see the new release from Eli Avisera's first series. If the first episode sales are anything to go by, you'd better get your orders in quickly...we were run off our feet this month!

We're now onto the edit for John Berkeley's Screwples 6 and all's looking nice.

After a great relaxing week in Spain with Er' Indoors and The Outlaws (My Mum & Dad in Law - smashing folks); I'm back on track following a full day's work here in the nerve centre at the Lodge.

Sue Harker is gearing herself up nicely for her next shot at stardom next month, we're looking forward to her coming again to the Lodge for a weekend of frivolity and fun.

More next month, have a good one!

28th March 2008
Yes! I know it's been ages since you good people have had an update on what's going on here at the lodge. You wouldn't believe how busy it's been here!

Right! Onto business...The Oneway lathe finally arrived, and she's lovely...our new baby!

First run-out went to Mick Hanbury who came to film his last in his Making & Decorating series. This one's called: "Making and Decorating Hollow Forms". It's a really nice looking film with some great turning, as usual from Mick.

All of the rest of the time has been eaten for me by working on Eli Avisera's films. Over the last week, I've had the pleasure of having Eli stay with me here at the Lodge, while we went over all of the final pick-ups and re-edits. A mammoth task and not a lot of sleep later: We're now ready to release Series 1 Volume 1 next Friday!

So, what are you waiting for?
Get yourself over to Eli's Gallery page and get one ordered. Demand is expected to be high, so be sure to get your order in early!

Have a great month...more in April!

5th January 2008
Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great Christmas, ours was terrific! Our two sons went off to Las Vegas for the holidays and left Jill and me in peace. We had a lovely relaxed time together, but of course, I now need to get back to the exercise bike!

I haven't exactly been idle over the past few weeks; John Berkeley's latest film: Screwples 5 is now ready for your enjoyment. So, get yourself over to John's gallery page and order yourself one!

The Oneway lathe hasn't arrived yet, but I'm assured that it'll be here in the next couple of weeks.

See you next month.