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Current Projects

15th December 2007
Hello everybody, how are your preparations for Christmas going? Of course it's manic here at the Lodge as usual. The new Oneway lathe and all of it's bits & pieces is due to arrive here from Canada via Germany between Christmas and New Year week, so it's a Christmas present to the company I suppose!

So, what have we been up to? Well, the edit for Eli Avisera's second film is complete and the proof has been sent to him for approval..."WHOA!!!" I can hear you shouting! Where's the first film?
You all know me by now and you know that we've reached a pretty high standard with the titles that we release. So, to that end, we've decided to do some pretty radical changes with Eli's first film, to make sure that it's just right. Don't forget that it was shot on location in Israel and I didn't exactly have all of my creature comforts to hand as I do here at the Lodge. I'm not making excuses, I just wanted to be sure that Eli's films are the best you'll use for the coming years!
So, a re-hash of the film's edit with some brutal techniques employed has resulted in a much more refined effort. This has now gone out to Eli in Israel for his approval and hopefully; will be released in the early New Year.

I want to report to you that we've not done Mick Hanbury's Box prize draw yet, the reason for which is that he's been so busy, I've hardly seen him this year. The odd fleeting visit from him also means that we both forgot to do the draw! Mick is now booked to come to film the final film in his series for the first week in March 2008, so, hopefully, we'll get the draw in then. Not bad: Only a year late!...Sorry.

I finally managed to get away from the Lodge for a day recently! I went over to the North of England Woodworking show in Harrogate. I had a really good time there meeting lots of names and putting faces to them.
I especially enjoyed the fact that KTMP was well represented there with lots of the KTMP stable woodturners demonstrating and our retailers pushing the titles out like there was no tomorrow!
The highlight of the visit for me had to be meeting Mark Baker of Woodturning Magazine. I managed to pry him away from his demonstration stand for quite a while to discuss KTMP's progress over a cup of coffee. The comments and suggestions that Mark made were so encouraging, I left the show walking high! And with a new fire in my belly to strive toward improving the brand name even further for the forthcoming titles.

Right, onto a prize draw that we HAVE managed to do! When John Berkeley was here last filming his latest round of Screwples titles, Paul Loseby asked him if he'd do the honours for him. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the draw for Paul's Snakeskin Pen "Slippery Sid" has been won by: Mr Jack Teffenhart of New York. Congratulations Jack. He was so pleased, he sent us a picture of himself with his booty!

Well done Jack!
Hopefully, we'll have the film of John drawing Jack's entry on the competition page soon.

That's all of our news for now, and that only leaves me one more thing to do:
I wish you all a really good Christmas with a great New Year to follow.
And a big thanks to all of our customers and sponsors for the excellent year just past!

23rd November 2007
What about this baby then?
This is our new lathe that we're eagerly awaiting delivery of!
Our special thanks go out to Cindy Clay of Oneway Canada for agreeing to sponsor KTMP films with the very kind supply of this wonderful 2436 lathe, which is now on it's way from Canada.
We can't wait to see Eli Avisera put it through it's paces here at the Lodge.
Speaking of Eli: We're still editing his films apace here in the editing suite and they're looking pretty good!
In the meantime, we had John Berkeley in the studio last weekend to film his latest Screwples offerings. John decided to demonstrate his Castle Money Box Puzzle series this time. The first film of three is now ready, yes! I know it was quick!
We've also taken delivery of a nice new pair of Creusen grinders and our thanks go out to Axminster Tools for their sponsorship.
We've been rather busy since the last website update: The camera set-up has changed considerably with the arrival of a superb Canon XL2 camera. I have designed, built and set-to-work a remote controlled overhead camera gantry, which was used for the first time during John Berkeley's filming last weekend and I must say that we achieved some marvellous shooting angles with it. We also took delivery of a camera crane from the USA and used it briefly with John. I think I need a little more practice with it to prevent any damage to the overhead fittings!
Oh! and before I go...Lloyd (My youngest Lad) has finally got around to painting the workshop! So, the latest film looks really nice, what with all the lovely clean walls in the background! Watch it! You really don't want me to get house-proud in there do you?

25th September 2007
After a few teething problems with the editing, we've now got Sue Harker's debut film: All Glued Up! - A Study in Open Segment Turning, just right for release. So what are you waiting for? Get to Gallery 10 now for the details and order one!
Instead of selling as three separate films, we've gone for our usual package of a double DVD. This one runs for a total time of 5hrs 20mins. You simply couldn't find value for money like this...anywhere!
Fortunately, Sue, and my wife; Jill, both have a good sense of humour and have allowed the Out Takes section to be included!

Editing on Eli Avisera's first series has now begun with great gusto! We're still loading the second series into the computer hard drives; a job that has taken 4 weeks already and there's still about a week of capture to go yet!
Both of Eli's series are expected to be huge sellers and initial demand is certainly going to outstrip supply for a while. So, how can you make sure of getting your hands on a copy when they release? Send us your details and go into the mailing list. That way, you'll receive the first notice and first order priority. Send your details to: Subject: Mailing List.

Keep making the sawdust and I'll update the news as soon as I get anything for you.

3rd September 2007
Yes, I know it's been a while since I've managed to get to do an update...these are busy times!
Ok, so what's been going on here at KTMP?
First, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sue Harker to the Lodge for her filming debut: Open Segment Turning. Sue came with her husband Graham on 27th July for the weekend and duly produced a very polished effort of three main projects:
Open Segmented Vase, Bowl and Lidded Pot.
We have managed to get a few nice out takes to include on the DVD (blonde moments!)...if Sue allows them!
Editing is now well under way, with the first project complete and the second started. Release should be in a few weeks. It's a good one for anybody who is interested in this field.

So, how was your holiday?
Why do I ask?...Because mine was spent in the very warm climes of Jerusalem Israel...WORKING! For you guys...ok, I was working for myself also.
You all know why I was there: Filming Eli Avisera.
The original plan was to film the first of three series of Eli's instructional films aimed at both beginner and experienced turners who may wish to teach the craft. The plan was then for me to return to Jerusalem at either Christmas or Easter next year to film the second series for Intermediate level. After a quiet first day of me  having a lay-in and then off to Eli's classroom/workshop for the afternoon doing a practice shoot and getting to grips with the shooting order and teaching Eli how to understand my directing commands, we began filming on the second day. Eli is such a consummate professional, the films just flowed into the cameras!
Before we knew it,  three days had passed, and we had our first series in the can!
A day off to visit Old Jerusalem City followed, including a very exclusive appartment that Eli had been commisioned to produce a lot of the bespoke fitted furniture for, and then an interview for the series, before driving off to visit the Dead Sea for the remainder of the day. Whilst we were sat on the beach caked from head to foot in Dead Sea mud, we then decided that we had a golden opportunity to use the time we had remaining to film the second series!
So, along with a short break the following weekend to visit my cousin in the north of the country, we forged ahead and hammered out the Intermediate series.
So, what is in the films then?
Eli's first series, as I mentioned, is aimed primarily at the beginner. But, the main thing that we all want from Eli's teachings is here: The introduction to his tool range, how to use each tool and also just as important: how to keep the tools sharp.
Projects for Series 1: Candlestick, bowl, goblet and box.
Eli was worried about his English pronunciation prior to the film, but a little gentle persuasion from a few colleagues during his recent visit  to America and myself, resulted in his own narration! Now Eli is no Shakespeare, but his English is a darned sight better than my Hebrew! When Eli struggled with any of the words, I was there for him to give a little help. One of my favourites was when Eli kept trying to say "cellulose". He practiced saying the word over and over in-between filming, and had it perfect, but every time we rolled the cameras, it came out; "Chell u lose". I think we can forgive him!
Eli's second series was meant to include six projects as the bulk of the tool introductions were completed on series one. But, we managed to go over this and ended up with eight projects!
Series 2 Projects: Candlesticks (Eli's brand new design JJ (Jerusalem/ Japan)), Large Platter (Figured Maple), Jerusalem Stone Bowl, Hollow Mushroom, Trembleur (Wine theme), Hollow Mushroom (green wood), Umbouque! (Ball & Stick game), Dreidel Box (Traditional child's gift),  Miniature Christmas Tree (Great Christmas decoration).
Also to be included on the films are some interviews with Eli where we have tried to get the know "The Man Behind The Lathe".
It will be a few months before all editing will be complete, so keep your eyes out and keep returning to the site for release news.
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That way, we'll let you know when our films are due for release, maybe even offer a little loyalty discount!

6th July 2007
Yet again another mad month! Reg Sherwin: being the  perfectionist that he is ( I wouldn't have it any other way), ordered quite a few re-edits and another weekend of re-shooting scenes that we both were not too happy with to complete his films. The end result: A polished and comprehensive series of films that no discerning woodturner should miss!
Now released...come and get em!

At the same time as all of this pandemonium: We have completed the edit for John Berkeley's new film Screwples 3: The Zulu Box and Barrel & Ball Puzzles. I'm so glad to say that the edit went fine for this one first time and we're releasing today also!

A couple of weeks rest and relaxation now?...Not on your life! I've been ordered to the bathroom: "Get it finished while you have the time!" Never a dull moment here at The Lodge!
Where's the summer?

Enjoy the new films.

8th June 2007
Phew! What a month that's been!
Reg Sherwin's series has now completed it's edit and render phases and the proofs have been sent to Reg for approval. All being well, the films should be hitting the streets in the next couple of weeks.
We've produced no less than 8 DVDs for Reg's series, and I reckon they're great...but I would, wouldn't I?

Apart from the never-ending editing (I've come to call the job Operation Barbarossa - seemed like there was no end to it!), I've changed jobs with the Royal Navy and have moved from HMS Collingwood to the RN College of Marine Engineering in HMS Sultan Gosport. My job is still heavily built around IT (There's no escape once your name is known) but of course, as for any new job; there's been a steep learning curve to fit into the team as soon as possible. I'm happy to report that I taught my first course this week without any major mishaps.
Another bugbear has been the slog to get our main bathroom up and running again after I decided it would only take a couple of weeks to rip the entire room out and refit with new...that started before Easter and is still ongoing! No! I'm not flavour of the month here at the moment.

So, what's next? Sue Harker is now going to film here at Hunters Lodge towards the end of July. Her material sounds very exciting and the samples that she brought when she visited with Husband Graham were terrific! Another good film for the making methinks!

Last, but certainly not least: Preparations have been going ahead, with a bit of gusto I might say, for the visit in August to Eli Avisera. We've been busy making a lightweight camera gantry to take with us: because we know how much you all love the overhead shots.

I think that's all of the news for now, so I'm going for some VERY well deserved sleep!
Goodnight all.

Current Projects
4th May 2007
"May the fourth be with you!"...Sorry, couldn't help that one!

This week has seen Eli Avisera visit Hunters Lodge. The verdict on the man: A Gentleman Genius!
Eli has chosen to film his series in his own workshop in Jerusalem in order to have all of his tools, jigs and lathes available for a superior quality film production.
We have talked non-stop from the moment Eli arrived until his sad farewell at the Hamlet factory in Sheffield this afternoon. A quick hello to all of the team there including Chris, Sandra (Nice cuppa) and Dave.
Eli gave me and my son Lloyd some of the best tuition through some of his favourite projects in order to prep the filming team on what to expect when we record. Some very fine pieces were produced and Lloyd's interest in the craft have been well and truly bolstered.

All in all, a very exciting filming in Jerusalem is now being eagerly awaited.

Editing is continuing on Reg Sherwin's series. We're around 1/3 of our way through a very informative, high quality set of lessons. More on this one as we progress.

20th April 2007
Andy Lodge's new film: Turning for Results - Bowl Turning Masterclass is now released and selling fast!

Reg sherwin completed his third weekend here at the Lodge and now we're onto the process of editing. We shot so much stock of Reg that this will probably turn out to be a multiple disc series, taking you, the viewer from the very start of woodturning, right the way through intermediate and into some of the many areas of advanced spindle turning

Oh...and by the way, we're now preparing for Eli Avisera's visit to The Lodge in May!
Busy, busy, busy!

18th March 2007
Andy Lodge's new film: Turning for Results - Bowl Turning Masterclass has passed it's approval stage and is now entering production. The film should hit the streets very this space!

Reg sherwin completed his second weekend here at the Lodge and still needs another weekend! The stock we've shot will amaze everybody. Reg goes from complete grass-roots all the way up to advanced turning, with his expert guidance, you'll have a great teacher helping you all the way.

6th March 2007
Mick Hanbury's: Making and Decorating Goblets film is now released. This is an amazing film and the techniques demonstrated are truly breathtaking!
Reg Sherwin arrived at Hunters Lodge last weekend and duly completed the first half of his film: Which way do I turn?
 This is going to become an encyclopaedia to woodturners with a vast range of methods shown. The second half of his film will be shot this weekend.
Andy Lodge's: Bowl turning Masterclass edit is continuing and is hoped to be ready for release around mid-March.

26th February 2007
John Berkeley's new film: Screwples 2 - The Lighthouse Puzzle is now ready and released. A terrific project film to kick off his Puzzles series.
Mick Hanbury's: Making and Decorating Goblets film is well under way and should be released pretty soon.
Andy Lodge's: Bowl turning Masterclass has now entered the editing phase and is hoped to be ready for release around mid-March.

4th February 2007
Our latest news is that Eli Avisera; World renowned woodturner from Israel is the latest client to sign-up to film with KTMP. Eli is touring Ireland in May and hopes to come over to film shortly after.
Andy Lodge is gearing-up for his next long awaited film: Bowl Turning Masterclass, to be shot next weekend.
Mick Hanbury's latest film: Making and Decorating Goblets edit is under way and is looking like a really good watch.
John Berkeley's new film: Screwples 2 - The Lighthouse Puzzle, has now completed it's edit and is awaiting John's approval for release. Hopefully, the film will hit the streets in a week or two.Take a look at John's Gallery page for a shot of the Lighthouse he made.

January 2007
John Berkeley's new film: Screwples 2 - The Lighthouse Puzzle, has now completed filming and editing is under way. The DVD is hoped to release in early February. Take a look at John's Gallery page for a shot of the Lighthouse he made.
Colin Spall's: Let's Make a Bandstand Clock is now complete and on sale.
A very busy period is scheduled for KTMP with filming by John Berkeley, Mick Hanbury, Andy Lodge and Reg Sherwin over the next two months...Phew!