News 2006
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Current Projects

December 2006
Paul Loseby's debut film: Simple Methods for Superior Turned Pens has now been released and has been selling extremely well. This time we're proving to be a popular choice in the USA with a lot of orders being shipped across "The Pond".
Colin Spall's Bandstand Clock film edit is now well under way and should be released on schedule in the early New Year.

November 2006
Following the hugely successful releases of John Berkeley and Carol Rix's debut films, we're now going really well with Paul Loseby's Superior Pens edit. Paul's film should be ready for release around mid December now.

Last week, we went out on a limb a little and filmed a local craftsman: Colin Spall. No RPT, this time we've chosen to film a grass-roots craftsman at work to prove that very successful projects can be produced by the man in the street ! Colin chose to to demonstrate the making of a bandstand clock. Filmed over the weekend, the outcome was impressive, to say the least. A potential family heirloom, the clock that Colin made would make an enormously impressive wedding present. The film will undergo it's edit as soon as Paul Loseby's is completed, expected release date should be early in the new year.

October 2006
Another busy month, October was kicked off with the filming of John Berkeley's first episode of his thread making series: A Definitive Lesson. Two hard days of work produced a lot of extremely impressive footage, we're certain this film is going to be a hit.

We had an Antipodean visitor who came to stay here at Hunters Lodge: Carol Rix.
Carol was here in UK to promote her first book's release:
Woodturning Tips & Techniques: What Woodturners Want To Know,
and to attend the wedding of one of her son's in Ireland. Her first visit to our shores; Carol reports that she was more than impressed with the hospitality she enjoyed by all of the woodturners she visited during a whistle-stop tour for research towards her next book about various woodturner's techniques.
We even found the time to do a short film while Carol was with us here at Hunters Lodge. Carol chose to make a very delicate spindle turned piece called a Fragrance Flask. Pictures can be seen in the Gallery. Hopefully, the film will be released before Christmas.

Our final filming session of the month saw Leicester turner: Paul Loseby making his debut onto the screen with his title: Simple Methods for Superior Turned Pens
Although a little nervous at first, Paul soon settled-in to the filming techniques. A really good film in prospect, Paul's dialogue comes over very clearly, with a plethora of technical detailed instruction and a fantastic array of projects. Paul's film should be released early in the new year.

Future Projects
Mick Hanbury's next film will be titled: Making and Decorating Goblets. Take a look at his website for some examples of the fine work he has produced(Link on the resources page), it promises to be a great view.

September 2006
A very busy month has seen the continued production of Andy and Mick's new films being retailed by some of the major UK retailers.

Preparations are now in full swing for John Berkeley's debut title, to be filmed here at the Hunters Lodge Studio on Saturday 23rd/ 24th.
Watch this space!


August 2006
Wednesday 23rd August: John Berkeley has just signed to film with KTMP.
John's commission looks very exciting. He plans to do films on Thread Chasing & Boxes. A huge series is planned on making turned wooden puzzles. John is also commissioned to film a wide range of ancillary projects including Victorian toy designs brought right up to date using modern day techniques and materials.

For a flavour of John's work, follow the link to his website in our Resources page.
Andy Lodge's third film in his series, which is: Professional Tips n' Tricks, is now available for purchase.
Mick Hanbury's latest film: Making and Decorating Boxes is now complete and available for purchase.
A huge  film with no less than six projects, the film lasts for a massive 4 hours 40 minutes. One thing is for sure, you won't be falling asleep to this one! So get ordering now and set-aside a quiet afternoon for yourself!

Andy Lodge's third film in his series, which will be: Professional Tips n' Tricks, is now undergoing it's edit. I've only just stopped laughing since filming. Hopefully the film should be available around mid August.

July 2006
Mick Hanbury's next film: Making and Decorating Boxes has now been filmed and is undergoing the long process of editing. Hopefully, the film should be released around early August.

June 2006
Mick Hanbury's film: Making and Decorating Platters is now completed and on sale! A whopping 3 hours 50 minutes long, it's taken a long time to get just right.

Mick's next film: Making and Decorating Boxes is due to be filmed in the next couple of weeks...we'll keep you posted on it's progress.

May 2006
Mick Hanbury has completed the filming of his first title on Making and Decorating Platters. The filming took two days to complete and is set to be an excellent view.

April 2006
Mick Hanbury has now agreed to film with KTMP. His initial commission will see the production of a four film series, beginning with an expert tuition on turning and decorating platters with brand new innovative techniques. Filming will commence in early May.

March 2006
Andy Lodge's new film: Turning For Results Number 2 - Fruit Turning Masterclass is now complete and selling fast. To order, go to our Gallery section now!

Take a look at the galleries for our products and set-shoots during Andy Lodge's and Mick Hanbury's filming.